Eco-Friendly Home Décor

In a world concerned with pollution, a depleting ozone layer, and endangered lives of protected species, both plant and animal, most individuals now pay more attention to being environmentally friendly with their day to-day activities. The concern for environmental protection has, in recent times, become a major concern for individual citizens and governments alike, as they begin to see the effects of environmental pollution and global warming at work. These concerns have led many to incorporate an eco-friendly mindset into their daily dealings as well as their long-term planning and decision-making.

Decorating one’s home may seem not an environmental concern, but even here, changes can be made to ensure that your carbon footprint is kept to the lowest possible minimum.

Recycled and natural materials

One possible way in which to incorporate environmental concerns into your home décor is to choose to purchase and use recycled, recyclable, and natural materials. Even when it comes to simple objects such as garden pots, one can make the switch from high-end pots to locally produced terracotta pots in Sydney, or even use recoiled plastic bottles to create your own garden pots. You may also use cut plastic bottles to use as bird feeders. Even lamp shades and lanterns can be made using materials you would usually throw away, and many tutorials and ideas can be found on Do-It-Yourself websites online.

Using antiques

Using and purchasing authentic antiques allows you to acquire decorations from a past era that not only provides elegance and character, but reduces the need to purchase brand new decorative items. Antique shops have unique items on sale, such as antique door-frames, window shutters, and even antique gates.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures can be another way in which you choose to decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner. It will be prudent to choose long-lasting CFL light bulbs for maximum efficiency and low cost. These bulbs last a very long time and are more environmentally friendly than regular light bulbs. Sky lights can also be added to use daylight efficiently to reduce the need to use electrical lighting.

Air and ventilation

Instead of choosing to purchase and use air conditioners or heaters, or at the very least to reduce your usage of them, your home can be modified to maximize air flow and ventilation, so that a supply of fresh air is always available. This can be done with the use of sky lights, strategically placed air vents, and, for warmer climates, by using materials such as wooden floors and flat white-washed ceilings to keep the house cool.

Diego Trentino