Tips To Prevent Drains Getting Clogged

Clogged drains are one the most annoying problems that happen at home when you don’t pay attention to the symptoms it will first bring you. Yes, if you are getting that unpleasant odor from the drain area then this can be a warning sign. Yet, you ignore and on one fine day, it’s blocked completely. Why spend a lot of money clearing the whole thing and going through some hard time with a clogged drain when you have preventions before that? Here are some easy tips to keep your drain away from blockage.

The use of hot water
One reason for clogged drains is because of the oil that builds in the interior surface which no longer lets you to drain stuff through pipes. So, after you finish all your cooking and washing try pouring some hot water to the sink. This will keep the oil running down instead of building. Also it’s important not to wash away little food pieces and other items to the sink which will after run down the pipes. This can be a reason why your pipes get clogged often, consult blocked drains in Logan for expert advise. If so, use a strainer to collect the food pieces and throw it away to the trash.

Drain cleaners
There are different drain cleaners which you can buy from the stores. The benefit in this is you don’t have to waste time mixing that and this, all you need is to follow the instruction and mix a little bit of the cleaner with some water and let the chemical do the job for you. But you also need to take caution, not to use a lot of the chemical if it’s too strong.

Eliminate the foul smell
As we said, the bad odor can be a sign that your drain needs some cleaning and plumbing before it turns out to be blocked drains. One thing you can do to eliminate the smell after the cleaning process or if you are experiencing it randomly, use baking soda. Known for its great qualities as a cleaning agent, it will help you to get rid of the smell. After throwing some baking soda run down some hot water.

Clean your drain
You can get a plumber to clean your drains twice a year if you don’t want to experience any trouble with your drains. Also attend to the problems in your pipes and gutters. Repair or do the necessary replacements whenever needed. This way, you will be able to ensure that your drains are in good state specially when you have a very limited space for this. Check for a local experienced plumbing service that will help you with a good job.

Hair and leaves
Whenever you are having a bath, try to collect that hair that falls while you bathe. This hair will be a major reason why your drains get blocked frequently. Also once it’s down there, it’s hard to get it as well. Also clean your gutters because leaves and little branches can fall into them.

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